Community Support

Data Behind Our Project

The Legacy Center Task Force commissioned Convergent NonProfit Solutions to conduct an extensive study of the community support and economic feasibility of building the Legacy Center. Interviews were conducted with 185 Johns Creek and area community leaders. These interviewees are virtually unanimous that the arts are an essential part of Johns Creek’s quality of life. They are proud of the high level of activity in arts education and performance. It makes sense that there should be a centrally-located landmark building devoted to the visual and performing arts.

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Quotes from Community Leaders

This is the perfect project for Johns Creek. Our goal is to bring culture and community together.

The arts contribute directly to the vibrancy of Johns Creek. The arts attract people to the community and enhances its quality.

Interest in the arts is particularly important among the diversity of ethnic groups that we have here in Johns Creek.

The arts are critical. There is hardly a household in John Creek that doesnt have at least one child in piano lessons, dance, or an arts program.

The arts are extremely important. it’s more of a case that the community is gradually becoming a center of arts activity. It’s true that there is no city ‘center,’ and because the arts can give people a sense of identity, this could be the beginning.

We have a thriving recreational program in Johns Creek. There is no reason why we can’t have similar program for the arts.

Our Thanks

to these supporters of the Legacy Center of Johns Creek Project